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  • NAB 2016

    There’s a lot to see at the annual NAB Show. It’s a convention filled with bright lights, fancy gadgets, and multi-story video screens, much like CES. It is a very different show, however, as it focuses only on the moving image, everything that contributes to creating it and finally delivering it to the audience.Bellagio2016 had some of the usual announcements including a few new lenses, cameras, lighting, drones, cases, and media storage.

    This year’s show focused on the true cinema product. Although there weren’t new GH4 or 5D MKIII replacements for the traditional Glazer’s customers, there was plenty for the larger production user and news gathering clients. Panasonic’s new Varicam LT, Canon’s 18-80mm T4.4L IS, SmallHD’s large monitors, Atomos’ Shogun Inferno, RED’s Scarlet-W and Raven all received large crowds.
    DSCF32758K seems to be coming along faster than people can figure out how to manage 4K. Maybe it’s time to update your workflow with a new hard drive array from Lacie or G-Tech.
    StorageThe relative newcomer to the industry that seems to have more long term benefits than what we saw from 3D rigs a few short years ago is VR. Virtual Reality is coming. Many manufacturer’s are figuring out the best way to adapt current products to record the spherical world around them. We see 4, 6, 16 camera arrays that all have to be synchronized and stitched together in post.
    VR Cam RigsThe real future in this field are the few companies who are figuring out how to achieve the result with a single camera. Glazer’s has been carrying the Ricoh Theta S for a little while now and at $350 it is a great starting point for those interested in creating VR content.

    New to the single camera solution though not new to the 360° stitching process was the first hardware from VideoStitch, the Orah. This little camera is the first to both record and live broadcast VR content viewable from any mobile device or web browser. It shows great potential for the ease of future content creation. I can imagine a scenario in the near future where we can truly share a live event such as a wedding with those who are physically unable to attend. Just log in, place your smartphone in a viewer and grandma can be transported across the country to see her granddaughter’s nuptials then turn her head and see the rest of the family and guests.

    VR Cams

    Nokia’s Ozo demonstrated a scripted drama in VR which was a welcome departure from the typical action sports content that dominates this category. We will most likely see full feature films shot in the first person where the viewer gets to decide what part of the action to watch. For those who don’t like to rewatch the same movies over and over, this creates repeat viewings while every time the viewer is treated to different details of the story.

    Glazer’s is excited for the year ahead with an expansion to our video section and new products being added all the time. Be sure to stop in and see the latest releases.


  • CreativeLive “Art of the Print” Event Recap

    When Kenna Klosterman from CreativeLive contacted us with an idea for a printing event at their studio down the street from us, we were all in. As Kenna put it, Glazer’s and CreativeLive share the same mission of education and community, so this partnership was a no brainer. The stars aligned even more when Rich Villa from Canon and Evan Parker from Moab were able to join us.

    PopUP-37The concept was for a one night only “pop-up” photo exhibit and printing event. Bring an image on thumb drive, get it printed out on fine art Moab paper, hang the print for the evening and then take it home with you at the end of the night. Add to that some drinks from Proletariat Wine, snacks, music and the good company of your local photography community and you’ve got a great evening.

    PopUP-1The turnout exceeded our expectations at 130 people. Richard and Evan manned three printers between the two of them; the Canon Pro-1, Pro-100 and Pro-1000.

    PopUP-23 PopUP-28
    PopUP-29 PopUP-30-2

    My station was at the small but mighty Canon Selphy printer. The printer becomes a wifi hotspot and you can print 4×6 photos directly from your phone. I probably printed out 75 prints for people that night!


    It was nice to have a chance to hang out and chat with some of our regular customers, but I also met a lot of really great new people. There was so much enthusiasm and energy in the room that night. The sentiment I heard a lot was that everyone wanted to print more and this event got them motivated to finally do it.

    PopUP-27 PopUP-36


    Time-lapse video courtesy of CreativeLive

    Big thanks to CreativeLive, Canon and Moab for making this event possible and such a hit!

    If you missed this event, but would like to learn more about printing, we will be offering free printing workshops at this year’s PhotoFest, June 10th-12th. Check our events page for updates.

    All photos by Devin Belmain

  • Panasonic ZS100 First Look


    Photo by Dion Baker

    The new Panasonic ZS100 carries on a long tradition of pocketable compact cameras started back in 2002 with the 2 Megapixel FZ1. With the latest addition, Panasonic packed in the features including the popular 1” 20.2 Megapixels sensor found in other premium compact cameras, 4K video and photo modes, and an impressive 25-250mm equivalent lens. All of this can easily fit into a jacket pocket.
    The ZS100, like its predecessors, is ideal for those users who want lightweight and small but don’t want to forgo a long zoom. Travelers and families looking for quality images, without the burden of multiple parts, can find almost everything they’d need in this camera. The macro functions give a little more flexibility than other cameras when you need to capture the latest blooms in your garden or at the market.


    Photo by Dion Baker

    Unlike most of the cameras with this sensor that tops out at 70mm or 100mm, the ZS100 reaches out to 250mm which makes a huge difference in its versatility.


    Photo by Kyle Valla

    Time-lapse video by Jim Langer

    Panasonic has added 4K video capabilities to the ZS100, but where this technology really shines for most users is in the 4K Photo modes. Here, you can capture a sequence of images at 30 frames per second, then use the intuitive slider display to select the definitive moment for action or unpredictable movement. This technology is the basis for the clever Post Focus mode, a unique feature among the ZS100 peers. After capturing the scene, just touch the screen to focus on that point. Combined with the macro mode, catching focus on flowers blowing in the breeze has never been easier.


    Photo by Kyle Valla

    The lens has a maximum aperture of f/2.8-5.9, a trade-off for the extended zoom, which may push you into using higher ISOs or longer shutter speeds. The good news is that the image stabilization is good enough to tackle shutter speeds down to 1/15 sec. This, along with the admirable noise levels should help offset the drawbacks from the narrow aperture.


    Photo by Daniel Rodriguez

    Overall, the ZS100 is a welcome addition to the advanced compact lineup from Panasonic. For people looking for a serious upgrade from any smartphone, it’s sharp and expansive Leica lens will make for great photographs without being cumbersome at all. The ZS100 is available now for just $699.


    Photo by Daniel Rodriguez


    Photo by Daniel Rodriguez


    Photo by Dion Baker