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  • Glazer’s Day at the Zoo 2016

    We had a great time at the zoo a couple of weekends ago! The day started with a wildlife photography class by award-winning outdoor photographer Randy Hanna.


    Reps from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Manfrotto and Tamron were on-site loaning out gear for attendees to shoot with for the day.

    128-Day at the Zoo 128


    We then split into two photo walks, one lead by Rose Whitaker of Nikon and one led by Randy.
    1-Day at the Zoo 1

    20-Day at the Zoo 20


    At the end of the day, we came back to the classroom where Canon and Moab made prints for people to take home.

    Here are a few of our attendee’s photos from the day!

    Big thanks to our event partners, Randy Hanna and our attendees for making this such a great event!

  • Photofest 2016 Recap

    Last weekend, Glazer’s held it’s 7th annual Photofest. This was no ordinary Photofest though, as it marked the completion of our new store.

    More than 30 manufacturer representatives filled 2 floors and 14,000 square feet of our new custom designed space. There was special weekend pricing, give-aways and prize drawings.

    Over 30 speakers gave free photography workshops and photo walks throughout the weekend.

    We got so much great feedback from the attendees of Photofest. The overarching message was how appreciative everyone was of all the inspiring content that was provided and the community it created. Attendee Matt Biggers even took the time to write this lovely review of Photofest 2016. We strive to create that sort of environment, so we were happy to hear we succeeded!

    Big thanks from all the Glazer’s staff to everyone who came out last weekend and showed their support. We are very excited for all the opportunities the new store will provide, so be on the lookout for more classes, events and in-store demos!

    All event photos by Amy Kiel Photography. Photo booth photos and staff photo by Kyle Valla and Kelly Hampson. Special thanks to all of them for capturing the weekend so perfectly.

    Photo booth photos can viewed here.

  • NAB 2016

    There’s a lot to see at the annual NAB Show. It’s a convention filled with bright lights, fancy gadgets, and multi-story video screens, much like CES. It is a very different show, however, as it focuses only on the moving image, everything that contributes to creating it and finally delivering it to the audience.Bellagio2016 had some of the usual announcements including a few new lenses, cameras, lighting, drones, cases, and media storage.

    This year’s show focused on the true cinema product. Although there weren’t new GH4 or 5D MKIII replacements for the traditional Glazer’s customers, there was plenty for the larger production user and news gathering clients. Panasonic’s new Varicam LT, Canon’s 18-80mm T4.4L IS, SmallHD’s large monitors, Atomos’ Shogun Inferno, RED’s Scarlet-W and Raven all received large crowds.
    DSCF32758K seems to be coming along faster than people can figure out how to manage 4K. Maybe it’s time to update your workflow with a new hard drive array from Lacie or G-Tech.
    StorageThe relative newcomer to the industry that seems to have more long term benefits than what we saw from 3D rigs a few short years ago is VR. Virtual Reality is coming. Many manufacturer’s are figuring out the best way to adapt current products to record the spherical world around them. We see 4, 6, 16 camera arrays that all have to be synchronized and stitched together in post.
    VR Cam RigsThe real future in this field are the few companies who are figuring out how to achieve the result with a single camera. Glazer’s has been carrying the Ricoh Theta S for a little while now and at $350 it is a great starting point for those interested in creating VR content.

    New to the single camera solution though not new to the 360° stitching process was the first hardware from VideoStitch, the Orah. This little camera is the first to both record and live broadcast VR content viewable from any mobile device or web browser. It shows great potential for the ease of future content creation. I can imagine a scenario in the near future where we can truly share a live event such as a wedding with those who are physically unable to attend. Just log in, place your smartphone in a viewer and grandma can be transported across the country to see her granddaughter’s nuptials then turn her head and see the rest of the family and guests.

    VR Cams

    Nokia’s Ozo demonstrated a scripted drama in VR which was a welcome departure from the typical action sports content that dominates this category. We will most likely see full feature films shot in the first person where the viewer gets to decide what part of the action to watch. For those who don’t like to rewatch the same movies over and over, this creates repeat viewings while every time the viewer is treated to different details of the story.

    Glazer’s is excited for the year ahead with an expansion to our video section and new products being added all the time. Be sure to stop in and see the latest releases.