Just Announced: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Printer!

Introducing the newest product in the Fujifilm Instax Family:

The Mini Link Smartphone Printer!

This a fun, lightweight and colorful update from the SP-1 or SP-2 mini printers. Use the new Mini Link App (free for iOS or Android) to connect to the printer.

Once connected unlock a world of features, editing tools and social connectivity!

  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Fun filter/frame options to add to your images 
  • Collage Print options
  • Print stills from your videos
  • Print speed of about 12 seconds
  • Fun Mode, connect up to 5 smart phones to your Instax Mini Link!

Along with these features there are some easter eggs, for instance to reprint a snap, tilt the printer upside down and press the Instax button on the front. Use the Instax button to initiate capturing an image on your phone. There is also a built in motion sensor, which users can zoom in or out to take a photo by tilting the printer. 

The Instax Mini Link Printer is available now at Glazer’s! 

It comes in 3 Colors: Ash, Demin & Pink, at just $99.95

Let’s talk about the Link in Action!

A few things I really dig about this new printer: 

  • It’s smaller than my iPhone (in fairness I have a big iPhone)
  • It’s rechargeable
  • It comes in three color options: Ash, Dark Demin & Dusky Pink
  • When connected with the new Link App: you can use the printer as a shutter release and to zoom in/out

About the new mini Link App

With previous generations of the Instax Share Printers, we used the Instax Share app. For this new Link printer you’ll want to download the new mini Link App, which is of course, Free!

Features of this new app include: 
  • Frame Print – This allows some fun overlays on an image before you print
  • Collage Print – Pick one image across multiple prints or multiple images in one print
  • Match Test – A fun little bit of social fun with friends
  • Party Print – Connect up to 5 phones to one printer!
  • Simple Print – Select an image, do a quick edit and print. This option includes basic filters: Monochrome, Sepia and Auto. There is also the option to manually change: Brightness, Contrast and Saturation.
  • Video Print – Select a still from a video to print
  • instax Camera – Selfie time with this option! Including flash control, self timer and adding a date. You can do more than a selfie, as you also have the In/Out option to use the front or rear camera of your phone.

The app is available for iOS or Android.

These are just some of the ways you can have fun with this printer. One of my favorite things to do is to print images captured not just on my phone, but also with my Fujifilm Cameras.
The joy is any camera that has wi-fi connectivity, you can transfer images from your camera, to your phone. From there open the mini Link app to print them! This lets you give prints to your friends, family, people you meet when you travel, clients and more. 

The world of instant film is filled with love, joy and nostalgia.

All images by Kate Hailey, including all the instant prints!