A Day with Fujifilm X-Photographer Dan Bailey


Thanks to our partners at Fujifilm, we are excited to announce that Dan Bailey will be at Glazer’s on August 26th. Dan is a Fujifilm X-Photographer, specialising in Outdoor Adventure Photography. Dan will be leading two workshops and one photowalk.




10:00 AM – 12:00 PMGetting to Know Your Fujifilm X-Series Camera – FREE

If you’re new to a Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera, this is a great primer on using the camera, it’s menu’s and getting started.

At this time this class is sold out, however there is a wait list. As spots become available we will release tickets to those who sign up for the wait list.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PMAdvanced Techniques with Your Fujifilm X-Series Camera – $25

Take a deep dive into the world of the Fujifilm X-Series cameras line up. Learn to get the most of your camera and it’s functionality.

6:00 PM – 8:30 PMPhotowalk: Olympic Sculpture Park – $25

To close out our day, we will meet at the Olympic Sculpture park with a small group. This will give attendees to ask Dan questions, while in the field. A representative from Glazer’s will also be on hand.



A few days ago we reached out to Dan to pose a few questions on how he got started in photography and also asked for some tips to consider when creating images.

KH: How did you get your start in photography?

DB: Back when I was attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying guitar and music production, I decided, sort of on a whim, to buy a camera. I had been fascinated with photography as a youth, and so as soon as I had some extra money, I did some research and bought a Nikon FM-2 and 50mm lens. That was February, 1990. I started by walking around the city with my camera and taking camping and hiking trips on the weekend. That summer, I did a 40-day road trip around the American west and got heavily into landscape photography, and the next summer, did my first trip to Alaska. When I moved to Colorado in late 1995, I started shooting adventure sports, like climbing, mountain biking and kayaking. Then, one year later, I got laid off from my day job and started doing photography full time.

KH: What is your favorite destination in the world for photography?

DB: That’s a really tough questions! I’ve been to the Himalayas twice, so that region has always held a special place in my heart with both the landscapes and the culture. I loved living and shooting in Colorado, it’s such a photographer’s playground. Then there’s Alaska, which is where I live now. There is so much to photograph. I’ve lived here for almost 9 years and I feel I’ve only begun to scratch the surface!

KH: Give us one essential tip, technical or creative, you think every photographer, aspiring or professional, should know.

DB: Always think relationships. A great photo is never about one thing or one person. It’s always about how your subject relates with the different elements in the frame. Sometimes, those other elements are the way the light and shadows define your scene, or they can be other secondary subjects which contrast, compliant or help tell the story of your main subject, add a sense of place or create a certain mood.

Whenever you see a compelling subject, the first thing you should do is look around and pick out that second thing. Look for those elements that can play off of your main subject and then figure out how to maximize these relationships by using the light, unique vantage points or a particular lens.

In the end, you want your image to draw the viewer’s eye around your frame as they investigate and discover the different elements you’ve given them.



So wonderful to get to know Dan a little more! We are really looking forward to having Dan back at the store and leading this variety of events. We hope you can join us!

~ Kate

** All Images in this blog post are created by Dan Bailey.